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The Lost Art of A Statesman/Stateswoman

Do you make it a life mission of representing honour and integrity? Are you deeply passionate about the vision of freedom for everyone? Are you well versed in manoeuvring confidently through power structures such as organisations and governments? Is your life entrenched in expanding your wisdom through studying highly respected literature and learning from life’s lessons?

A statesman/stateswoman is a bedrock of principles resting on the philosophy of freedom for everyone such as democratic liberty, equality under the law, and the freedom to live as you choose. This archetype is a cornerstone of a community providing a moral compass and a vision, with the ability to build consensus among conflicting parties to achieve that vision.

The success in building a consensus relies on his/her ability to convince people of the soundness of his/her philosophy based on traditional values such as integrity, honour and respect. To win people’s support a stateman/stateswoman has the courage to promote sound strategies underpinned by honesty and truth. His/her lifelong study of great books and the lessons of history allow him/her to speak to the people in intelligent, potent and well-reasoned arguments.

With an innate ability to figures out politics and power structures immediately, he/she can then craft his/her message to give the people exactly what they need. The true statesman/stateswoman makes her/his decisions by following the dictates of her/his own moral compass and believes in absolute truths. The strength of her/his words comes from the fact that she/he believes what she/he says.

Watch out for the shadow side

Resorting to controversial measures in order to achieve one’s vision. Utilising their influence to implement hidden agendas and gain power over people.

The statesman/stateswoman archetype describes a person of distinction, who is well known and well-respected in society, where he/she exerts considerable influence.

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