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Inspiring you to re-imagine your Life

About Us

Jacqueline's methods are based on tapping into the intuitive mind and understanding the human psyche; they are easy to follow, deeply insightful, ground breaking and provide a lasting change and completely new possibilities for individuals.

I believe ...

that we are all leaders in our own right

in breaking through behavioural conditioning 

in lifting your own game first when you want to change

to free passion and energy by igniting the creative mind

in the growth opportunity as part of a high performing team

My Story

Jacqueline is a highly experienced ontological leadership coach who supports others in their quest to become confident, authentic and intuitive leaders who find deep meaning and purpose in their work. She also shows leaders how the way they are BEING creates a ripple effect throughout the teams they lead, which in turn impacts the organisation’s results.

Jacqueline’s extensive corporate experience has given her first hand insight into what it takes to develop and maintain high-performing and engaged leaders and teams within a corporate environment. 

Little attention is paid to the power of intuition in a leadership context, even though many of the world’s most influential leaders regularly tap into it. With her science background and experience as an ontological leadership coach, Jacqueline offers valuable insights into what science and other successful leaders can teach us about tapping into the intuitive mind, especially when making complex and high-risk decisions and building high-performing teams.


WW Uni.jpg
CMED Certificate.jpg

Master's degree in Physics

Westfälische Willhelms University
Münster - Germany

Project Management Professional

Project Management Institute 

Philadelphia - USA 

Strategic Leadership

Macquarie Business School

Sydney - Australia

Archetypal Consultant
Caroline Myss Education Institute


Being Profile Accreditation.jpg

Energy Healing Method

Samvahan Clinique

Sydney - Australia


Being Profile Practitioner


Sydney - Australia

NLP Practitioner Certification

(Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Approved by the American Board of NLP

Institute of Behavioural Science

Sydney - Australia

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