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The Power of Human Connection

the gateway to making a difference

I was presenting at a conference, at the peak of my career, when I was almost stopped in my tracks. At that moment, I realised my overwhelming desire to impact people so they can be the best version of themselves. It suddenly dawned on me that I would need to shift gears to fulfil that desire. It was one of those rare pivotal moments in life, a real calling to my next level of leadership.

From a young age, I could see both the potential in others and what was holding them back: limiting beliefs and emotional blockages. And I loved helping people overcome their obstacles to conquer their fears and anxieties. Today, I am a full-time leadership coach who supports others in their journey to become confident and authentic leaders committed to making a difference in the world.

My Keynotes

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My keynotes provide people with a blueprint to unlock their innate power by becoming aware of and tapping into their deeper human qualities. This blueprint opens the door for people to envision and experience that it is possible to become the confident leader they truly are.

I connect with my audiences by being real and highlighting opportunities and blind spots in a thought-provoking and inspiring format. My focus is on giving my audience the practical tools and inspiration they need to imagine what’s possible and discover the most effective ways to positively impact others.

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Resilience in

Stressful Situations 

Leaders are under constant stress making it more challenging to make effective decisions.

Learn how to utilise stress as a springboard to developing a gateway to a strong resilient mindset supporting wellness and creativity.


with the Power

to Move Mountains

Impactful leaders are authentic and self-aware. They have mastered the skill of open communication and build their teams on a foundation of trust.

This keynote demonstrates how you can develop your next-level leadership by being true to yourself and by being an inspiration to others.



Leverage their Archetype

Increase your effectiveness as a communicator and leader by understanding your and others archetypal leadership styles.

This a journey of discovery into the nine archetypal leadership styles based on the ancient Enneagram of Personality, a model of the human psyche.

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