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  Your Archetypal Blueprint  

Archetypes are a universal language for patterns of

your Influence, your Talents and your Subconscious Mind

Archetypal psychology is a powerful way of getting to know your psyche, since Archetypes  are  the driving forces behind human behaviour. 


    - trigger our emotions
   - drive our behaviour
   - provide meaning to our        life.

They display a 
recognisable power 
pattern, but the way they are expressed in a person is unique, like your fingerprint. 


The concept of Archetypes can be considered ancient and many story writers, philosophers, scientists and psychologists are pointing out the significance Archetypes play in the human psyche and behaviour. 

Archetypes refer to our survival instincts as experienced in the Saboteur or the Victim and to transformational processes as seen in the Mother, the Father, the 

Seeker and the Hero to name a few. 

Archetypes enheduana.jpg

But Archetypes are not all about survival, they also convey our innate expressions of creativity such as the Artist and the Engineer and connect us to our true self. 

Archetypes guide us through our learning lessons, how we manage challenges and teach us how to live congruent and powerful. Archetypes are so easy to relate to since they form part of our human and cultural evolution. 

Your Archetypal Wheel

Unlock your Hidden Talents and Reinvent Yourself

Taking things a step further ...

This seminar will gradually guide you to identify your personal Archetypes and the role they play in different areas of your life.  

This is an in depth process to deepen your understanding of Archetypes and leave you with a complete Archetypal chart of your life.

Jacqueline Hofste Manifesto.jpg


Making Power Choices

Introduction to Archetypes

Your  Child Archetype

The Survival Archetypes

How to Stop Self-Sabotage

Intuition enheduana.jpg


Your Hidden Talents

Archetypal Families

Identifying your 12 Archetypes

Learning about the 12 Houses

Your Archetypal Wheel

Your Leadership Archetype  

The Enneagram Leadership Archetypes

This a popular and engaging way to identify and understand the different leadership styles based on the ancient and modernised enneagram system.  The workshop covers the nine Enneagram leadership archetypes and details the specific thinking and communicating patterns. It is a revealing concept, easy to apply and learn, as it facilitates the understanding of different leadership, personality and communication styles within a team in a tangible and engaging approach.


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