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Engenesis Influence Leadership Program

the gateway to mastery

As a leader in an organisation, you want and need to be effective, to implement positive change, address conflict constructively and grow your team culture successfully. But often you find yourself in many challenging situations where you may not be able to identify exactly how to develop your leadership and increase your performance. This program is giving you the precise transformational steps on how to achieve your next leadership level.

Ashkan Tashvir 
Engenesis CEO, Best Selling Author 

in joint facilitation

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The Engenesis Influence™ Leadership Program

dives deeply into the root causes of behaviour and effectiveness in specific workplace-related scenarios that can be readily transferred into action within any organisation.

Ashkan and Jacqueline blend their significant corporate and entrepreneurial experience to show participants how to transform their ways of Being to become a leader of influence overseeing high-performing teams.

What you learn ...

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Intuition is a life skills; enheduana
Intuition is a life skills; enheduana
Intuition is a life skills; enheduana
Intuition is a life skills; enheduana
Intuition is a life skills; enheduana
Intuition is a life skills; enheduana


Develop a common and engaging language around leadership and performance that aligns teams


Raise the standards of performance in a way that is driven from within the team 


Understand what it means to build a high-performing team culture based on collaboration


Unlock teams that are stuck in conflict to collaboration and trust


Powerfully deal with challenging situations that many try to avoid

Emotional Resilience

Maintain emotional resilience under stress and time pressures


Transform the areas that are holding you back to reaching your next level leadership

Intuition is a life skills; enheduana

What it will take ...

As a participant in this unique program, you will completely transform your relationship with what it means to be a leader.


Run over 12 weeks, you will be taken through a process of discovery, application and practice, including the Being Framework Transformation Methodology™.

Alongside other leaders and those committed to addressing the problems in the world starting with themselves and their teams you will explore the journey.

Is this Program for you?

This program speaks to the leader who is ready to authentically look at themselves and challenge what doesn’t work to break through to the next level of leadership. It is designed to benefit professionals who are responsible for teams such as:


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