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The Misunderstood Gossip

Are you passionate about making information transparent for everyone? Do you use information strategically for the benefit of the greater good? Do you love spreading the ‘news’? Do you feel connected to people when talking about events and news? Do you evaluate a relationship based on what the other person is willing to share?


using information to distort the truth and to dis-empower others, ongoing battle with the truth, being in denial about truth

The Gossip archetype has a negative connotation based on damage that has been created by publishing information that is distorted, out of context or plain wrong. And one might wonder what this archetype has to do with caring of people; but the Gossip is someone who is motivated by bringing the truth to light and ensuring transparency of information for the greater good.

At times the gossip has to be prepared to work under dangerous conditions (journalists during war times) to be able to elicit correct and complete information and then making it public it in some form or other. The Gossip is quite resourceful and tenacious to get to the bottom of the truth, they know how to elicit information and how to go about being the first to know about the latest news. They are devoted to shed light onto a situation, they are the whistle blowers to protect the community or environment from being exploited by others.

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