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Looking underneath the surface of
your Being to express who you
truly are as a leader!

I help my clients in one to one coaching sessions to overcome their limiting beliefs, foster confidence to achieve their goals and get them unstuck where they feel trapped and powerless. We look beyond the symptoms of behaviours and go directly to the core of the issues, the deeper human qualities that drive our being and results in life and where we can cause real transformation. 

In addition I help organisations to integrate cultural and behavioural change in their day-to-day work through a practical and repeatable framework. So teams can transform from a culture focused on surviving into a high performing culture that thrives and grows through change.

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The Key is in looking Inside

Archetypes Enheduana Book.png
Archetypes Enheduana Book.png
Archetypes Enheduana Book.png

The Free Spirit of your Life Purpose
Unlocking the genius plan of your life purpose with the power of your archetypes as a guide to help readers understand how to empower themselves through their archetypes to gain more control over their lives and develop more confidence to pursue their dreams and fuel their passions. 


Archetypal Personality Profiling is a powerful way of getting to know one’s psyche, as archetypes are the driving forces behind human behaviour. Jacqueline is a leading expert in this field.

What our clients are saying ...


Ashkan Tashvir 
CEO and Founder Engenesis


Jacqueline combines the rational with the intuitive mind and brings a new contemporary approach to her participants that will achieve break through results. Jacqueline is passionate, highly engaging and will inspire you to think in unconventional ways. I can highly recommend Jacqueline.

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Stacey L. Couch
Spiritual Director, CMED Mentor


"Jacqueline brings integrity, equanimity and great heart to her work as an Archetypal Consultant.


As the mentor that certified her in this process, I am delighted to recommend her as an ambassador of the Sacred Contracts wisdom and I see her as a light in this world helping guide others toward truth and soulful living.

Cristina Stanciu.jpeg

Cristina Stanciu
Chief Financial Office


The Engenesis Influence™ Leadership Program is unique, challenging and rewarding. We were working with real-life examples to help us understand the Being Framework and how to apply it in the work environment.

Our Clients

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