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The Free Spirit 
of your Life Purpose

Do you sometimes wonder whether you are living your full potential and whether there is more to your life? Or perhaps you get a sense that you have hidden talents, but you are unsure how to access them? This book will guide you to discover your deeper life purpose and look under the surface of your personality using the concept of the powerful and expressive world of archetypes.

Archetypes can be described as concepts and collectively inherited ideas which are universally present in individual psyches and drive our behaviour, our creative expression and our view of the world. The history of archetypes goes back as far as the history of humanity, we know them from the characters of our myths, fairy tales, stories, novels and movies and they emerge across all cultures.

Since archetypes are part of our psyche they drive our motives, decisions and relationship dynamics. They follow a recognisable behaviour pattern, but they are expressed in a way that is unique to each person, like your fingerprint. The powerful behavioural mechanisms of archetypes can lead you to pursue your goals with determination and self-esteem or they can lead you to sabotage your endeavours.

This book with gradually lead you to understand your underlying and often hidden dynamics of your behaviour, so you can gain more control over your life and develop more endurance to pursue your dreams and fuel your passion. You will gain a new and complete perspective of yourself, while your archetypal imprints will unravel the genius plan behind the making of your life purpose.


This book is teaching us about things that are easily missed because we not paying enough attention to hidden motives, desires, power plays.

Jacqueline Hofste’s book is written in a wonderfully uplifting spirit and gives so much hope. This book is powerful because it has benefits for a huge audience - people can either read it as a fun introduction to the subject that will expand their way of viewing life, or they can use it as a practical guide to doing some rigorous personal work. Genius!

Christina Stanciu
Chief Financial Officer


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