The Victim - How to rise from the Ashes

The Victim Archetype is highlighting our most vulnerable side and makes us feel uncomfortable just thinking about it. It is also an archetypal pattern that all humans share and recognizing this fact can be the first step in making room for real compassion.

Most of us recognize the disempowered side of the Victim, the version of the Victim that is stuck in an overbearing situation, complaining how they have been wronged and convinced that there is nothing they can do about it. And while there is truth in this part of the Archetype, the shadow side, there is also the empowered Victim, the light side, the Victim that has risen from the ashes with newly found strength.

Let’s consider that we all have a container in our psyche that holds the entire history of our being wounded: betrayal, abandonment, shame and we call it ‘Victim’. This same container also holds the story of our healing and transcending of the wound into the empowered realm. The Victim Archetype is our guide through these story lines. How we view the Victim Archetype depends on which side of the pattern we pay our attention to.

So how do we do it? How can we rise from the ashes? The first is step is to accept that a situation outside of our control has occurred and that it is ok to let the steam off initially or in rather traumatic situations to go through a grieving process.

And then there comes the time when you want to resume your life and not let this experience dictate how you are going to react. The toughest part is overcoming the attachment to the Victim mode. It sounds harsh, but life can be quite tough and testing. And one way of going about it is that people find a cause that is greater than them and apply the learning from this incident to help others. This is often how trauma victims resume their life in an empowered way. Once they found this path the strong or matured Victim emerges.


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