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The Rebel

Do you find yourself challenging authorities to initiate social change? Are you willing to look at the truth, when others are in denial about reality? Do you like to rock the boat? Do you have a devotion to reject outdated systems that do not serve their purpose anymore?

Challenges rejecting legitimate authority out of anger or other personal agenda, eager for revenge rather than fairness

The Rebel archetype seeks out the challenging path to question systems that are not serving the needs of people anymore and is prepared to go to the barricades for it and fight. Rebellion is a part of human development and can be a powerful method to break out of old and outdated patterns that can stifle progress and creativity. The Rebel paves the path to innovation, reform and renewal of systems.

History is full of Rebels who were brave and courageous in the face of resistance that needed to be broken for the sake of empowering a part of humanity. Rebels can also be found in the spiritual arena and as such Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad can be considered as Rebels.

The Rebel archetype comes in different variations as outlined in the following and not all of them need to physically fight for their views.

The Revolutionary

The Revolutionary feels a strong pull toward balancing the scales and views the world and societies as unfair and unjust. The potential for reform and transformation drives this archetype. They are also writers, artists, inventors and others who have done ground breaking work that radically changes things.

The Troublemaker

The Troublemaker is often labelled the “bad boy or girl” and trouble seems to follow this type. And while its negative reputation is often well deserved, the Troublemaker has some excellent qualities. While this type enjoys “rocking the boat” disrupting the status quo and provoking others, this can also be used to keep a relationship from becoming stagnant for example. The shadow Troublemaker makes trouble and then steps back to enjoy the show.

The Provocateur

The Provocateur tends to be the intellectual, challenging others with words and causing others to think about their own ideas more deeply. These types are thinkers and see situations and problems from a different perspective than most, challenging others to think outside the box. The shadow provocateur enjoys having the upper hand, using their wit and natural intelligence to keep others confused. They love the role of Devil’s Advocate.

The Free Spirit

The Free Spirit lives by their own rules and loves to be different and free from the constraints of the status quo and acceptability. They thrive on standing out of crowd. Driven by their own compass they neither rely upon nor look to others for how to live their life. They are spontaneous and independent making this type difficult to parent because they have an aversion to routines, rules and regulations.

The shadow side is obnoxious, needs constant attention and is fickle and unreliable. They can be indifferent to the needs of others and how their behaviours impact others. They may find holding down a job, or remaining in relationships a real trial.

The Maverick

The Maverick is perfectly fine doing things on their own and without the support of others. This type tends to be quiet about their ideas and unlike the free spirit they don’t need to show the whole world how different they are. They can also be rigid, inflexible and loners. Like all Rebel types they tend to hold lifelong grudges against those who have wronged them.

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