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My Inner Voice

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Reflections on 2017

I have been listening to my inner voice since I was a little girl. First it was a whisper, then it became louder until we made friends. These days I don’t even take on anything new without consulting my inner voice first.

But in 2016 my so friendly inner voice turned into an army commander and became so undeniable forceful that I thought I was put into a boot camp. And as it turned out, so I was. And soon I understood that I needed to listen and learn, listen and learn, over and over and over again so I could transform myself to be able to shift the flagship – my life, one more time. I was put into a workshop of re-evaluating my whole life, of facing the demons that stopped me from going further and of crystallising my purpose into minute detail.

There is not doubt anymore that I am here to help people to transform to a better version of themselves to be able to live a fulfilling and powerful life. But I needed to walk the talk on the grande catwalk first myself. Now I know for sure: I am an alchemist, a transformer.

This was not a particular glamorous year with little external achievements to show, instead a lot of internal, transformational work invisible to the outside world. And I could have given up so many times and return to my status quo, but that was not an option. Sometimes in life there is only one direction.

I have done the inner work, moved through it, resisted, surrendered, let go of fears and attachments, which were shaking me to my core. And each and every time I followed the instructions of the universe with much difficulty and not so much grace. I turned attachments into freedom and fear into love.

After all I came to realise that this year was a gift offered to me to allow for a major transformation so I can tackle a bigger and greater vision than before. And I accepted the challenge and I pulled the handbrake, the latter of which was done for me.

Since the universe is so graceful, my challenging path was plastered with miracles that I would have never imagined and therefore never even asked for. People mostly, who dropped in like angles from the sky ushering and hugging me along the way.

My journey of learning, discovery and transformation is not done and most likely never will be, but for now I have not only created a new chapter but a whole new book describing my new phase of my life as I will now step into.

I am so grateful for the seemingly uneventful 2016.

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