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Jacqueline Hofste is a corporate consultant, talent coach, author, international speaker, educator and researcher. With a master’s degree in physics and over 15 years of senior management experience in the corporate world, Jacqueline is now putting her experience and passion into her life mission to guide people how they can excel despite the challenges of this demanding and for ever changing environment.

As a researcher she is inquisitive, analytical and pushes the boundaries of existing belief and behaviour patterns.


As a corporate consultant she boosts creativity and innovation using contemporary methods combined with ancient wisdom to guide and educate people how to be at the source of this transformational world and thrive with new found energy and ideas.


Jacqueline's methods are based on tapping into the intuitive mind and understanding the human psyche; they are easy to follow, deeply insightful, ground breaking and provide a lasting change and completely new direction for individuals.


   Science & Business   

Jacqueline's birth country is Germany where she completed her master's degree in Physics and where she worked in research before she migrated to Australia.

In her new home country she enjoyed a career in strategic leadership roles with technology focused companies. Jacqueline was responsible for global transformation projects, mentoring programs and team development across several countries.


   Human Psyche and Life Purpose   

In recent years Jacqueline has dedicated her studies to learn more about the deep seeded human psyche and has studied the concept of Archetypal patterns following the standards offered by the CMED Institute founded by Caroline Myss.

Energy Body


   Energy Body   

Jacqueline has studied the energy body based on the ancient Indian Samvahan method. Apart from the original intent of healing the body, this technique allows opening a connection through to the unconscious to gain powerful insights. 


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